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Slamet Riyanto's powerful abstract yet organic style is influenced by natural forces such as flowing water, rock formations and erupting volcanos in his native island of Java, Indonesia. Born in 1950, he grew up close to nature and retreats to quiet places in the mountains and by the sea regularly in search of meditation and inspiration.

He attended ASRI, Indonesia's leading arts academy, from 1970 - a time when the ancient technique of Batik became popular as medium for modern arts among the progressive circles in Bali and Yogyakarta. He soon became one of the leading members of this movement.

Slamet Riyanto is today probably the most internationally acclaimed Indonesian Batik artist with a growing group of worldwide admirers and collectors. His works were featured at exhibitions in California (1974), Victoria, Sydney and Melbourne (1974), Jeddah (1983), West Germany (1986 and 1989), Geneva (1986, 1987 and 1989), Canada (1990), Japan (1992), French Guayana (1993), South Africa (1997) in addition to numerous local exhibitions all over Indonesia.

Slamet Riyanto's gallery in Yogyakarta attracts a steady stream of art lovers and tourists. Yet despite his success, he is a humble, friendly man who loves to share his skills and takes lots of time for his visitors, as old Javanese tradition requires.

His unique style is widely copied, both by his students and less benevolent individuals. It is not always easy to distinguish a real Riyanto from fakes, especially if they even show "his" signature.

He works on 100% high quality cotton material in sizes 50cm x 50cm (like the pictures shown on this page, which were sold at US$200 each) to 100cm x 200cm.

If you are interested in Slamet Riyanto's works, you are welcome to contact us.

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