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Wayang Golek is a traditional Indonesian puppet play carried out with rod puppets as those shown below. It is especially popular in Sunda (Western Java) and Central Java. The puppet bodies are carved from Acacia wood with intricate and fine details, hand-painted and dressed in Batik clothes, which are traditionally sown from recycled material and exchanged every few years.

Indonesian Arts Network gets antique Wayang Golek puppets directly from real Dalangs (puppeteers), who used them in actual Wayang performances for 20 - 40 years. We select puppets in good overall conditions, but signs of age and use are of course visible - and add to the authenticity.

We are frequently receiving shipment of sometimes over hundred antique Wayang Golek Rod Puppets. Below you can see our current stock.

We have been able to keep the prices constant at US$40 to 120 per puppet for many years. Among the few places selling such antique puppets, we have the lowest prices and the widest variety. Furthermore, we offer discounts for large and bulk orders: 10% off for orders of 10 or more, 20% off above 50 puppets. They sell quickly, so order soon!

You can click on each of the pictures below to get a close-up view. We are happy to answer any questions and send further information or more pictures. For enquiries and orders please mention the item number below the picture.

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Heroes, Kings & Warriors

1070 Rama Wijaya, King of Ayodhya and Hero of the Ramayana - paint chips US$40 - SOLD

1086 Kokrosono, Prince of Madura (Mahabarata) US$50 - SOLD

1102 Suyudana/Duryudhana, Eldest of the Kaurawa Brothers (evil dynasty of the Mahabarata) - US$70 - SOLD

1104 Gandamana, Prince of Pancala (Mahabarata) - US$60 - SOLD

1109 Udawa, Governor of Dwarawati (Mahabarata) - US$60 - SOLD

1110 Sangkuni, Uncle of the Kaurawa Brothers (evil dynasty of the Mahabarata), rare! - US$70 - SOLD

1111 Jambu, Warrior of the Mahabarata - US$60 - SOLD

1112 Durna, Teacher of the Pandawas & Kaurawas (Mahabarata), with real fur beard, one arm paralysed - US$70 - SOLD

1115 King Salya, Ally of the evil Kaurawa Brothers (Mahabarata) - US$60 - SOLD

1116 Baladewa, King of Madura, wood chip at ear - US$50 - SOLD

1118 Sencaki/Setyaki, King of Lesanpura, Warrior of Dwarawati (Mahabarata) - US$60 - SOLD

1122 Drupada, King of Pancala (Mahabarata) - US$70 - SOLD


1106 Betara Ismaya, second highest God and divine incarnation of the Clown Semar, fine woodcarving, very rare - US$70 - SOLD

1113 Betara Narada, God of Wisdom, very big puppet (Mahabarata) - US$60 - SOLD

1114 Betara Brahma, King of the Gods, orange face, very rare (Mahabarata) US$90 - SOLD

1119 Betari Durga, Barebreasted Goddess, very rare (Mahabarata) - US$90 - SOLD

1120 Betara Bayu, God of the Wind, green face, rare (Mahabarata) - US$90 - SOLD


1105 Sinta, Heroine of the Ramayana, nicely decorated dress (Ramayana) - US$60 - SOLD

Demons and Ghosts

This category is our specialty. Please contact us with any questions you have!

1037 Unnamed Daemon US$60

1047 Unnamed Daemon, some paint chipped US$50

1051The Giant Buta Repani (Mahabarata) US$50

1101 Dusasana, one of the Kaurawa Brothers (evil dynasty of the Mahabarata), red face - US$80 - SOLD

1107 Boma, one of the Kaurawa Brothers (evil dynasty of the Mahabarata), orange face - US$80 - SOLD

1108 Boma (as King of Ngembat Landeyan), one of the Kaurawa Brothers (evil dynasty of the Mahabarata), orange face - US$80 - SOLD

1117 Brajamusti, Uncle of Gatotkaca and chief-warrior of Pringgadani, green face, rare - US$90 - SOLD

1121 Rahwana, Demon King of Alengka (Ramayana), red face - US$80 - SOLD

1126 Rahwana, Demon King of Alengka (Ramayana), red face - US$80 - SOLD


Sorry, this category is sold out!


Very few animal puppets are available elsewhere, yet we have a wide selection. Please contact us with your enquiries!

1005 Garuda Jatayu, Bird of Heaven (Ramayana) - slightly damaged(1) US$80 - SOLD

1103 Gagak Suro, Animal Soldier (Mahabarata), rare - US$100 - SOLD

1010 Garuda Jatayu, Bird of Heaven (Ramayana) - slightly damaged(1) US$80 - SOLD

1123 Sugriwa, King of the Apes (Ramayana) - US$90 - SOLD

1124 Subali, Ape (Ramayana) - US$80 - SOLD

1125 Jatayu / Garuda, Heavenly Bird (Ramayana) - US$90 - SOLD
(1) Wings are detachable and the joints are easily damaged by rough handling (e.g. in fighting scenes). This kind of damage is very common and can be repaired, but we sell such puppets as we found them.

We also have a few damaged or incomplete puppets and carved heads without body. Please contact us if you are interested in those.
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